"We believe that through partnering with those who are invested in helping our communities thrive, helps us to achieve our vision. "

- Ray Langlois

"I'm delighted to highly recommend Ray Langlois. Ray brings vast experience and skills in community health planning, coalition building, education systems and leadership, and strategic planning, among other key community health and development areas of expertise. Ray has provided exceptional guidance in strategic visioning for our work with the Community Collaborative for Child Health, ongoing exchange of best practices with health coalition initiatives- including exchange with the Austin/Travis County Community Health Improvement, as well as health coalition 'active learning' sessions for my graduate students. It's my pleasure to recommend Ray for community health consulting and strategic planning."

Andrew Springer, DrPH - UT School of Public Health in Austin

Helping organizations obtain, improve and sustain their impact in order to fulfill its mission

Assisting in developing communication, relationships and partnerships with communities and those who are looking to serve

Building on a leaders strengths and goals that will improve their skills and benefit their organization

Establishing a purpose, direction and a plan for your organization to function efficiently


Our Mission is to help those who help others to THRIVE.

To thrive gives you a sense of development, getting better and succeeding. Sometimes it's in your perspective or mindset, but more often it's in needing others to assist, support and care.


Our vision is that communities would have capacity and support available and accessible that all of its people would be able to live the best quality of life possible .

Let's spend time discussing your needs over the phone, video call or my favorite - a cup of coffee. The first one's on me.