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"A rising tide floats all boats. Will you be prepared when it comes?" - Ray Langlois

"Ray has an amazing knack for gathering and challenging a wide range of people and organizations in meaningful and inspiring ways to ensure communities are maximizing their resources and efforts to address our most pressing needs. He understands and can communicate the power of a proactive and collaborative approach which ensures all voice are heard and valued while staying focused on the goal and remaining people-first centered. I'm grateful for Ray's leadership in our community and value his input and guidance on the issues and concerns that challenge us!"

Karen Ramus - Executive Director at NAMI Central Texas

About Ray Langlois

Over the course of my life, I have had many roles as a professional, a family man and a friend that created purpose and meaning to my journey. I have always enjoyed being an inspiring and supportive person who enjoys advising, collaborating and partnering with those who are focused on people.

Passionate about helping those who help others thrive in under-served communities, I can appreciate the challenges you face when working with nonprofits, agencies and funders. Although my heart is in Williamson County, Texas, which I have been working in since 2002 as an educator, health collaborative coordinator and community engagement consultant, I have had the pleasure of networking throughout Central Texas.

Through my professional roles, I have always practiced being an inspirational leader. By definition, "inspirational leadership involves aligning values with initiatives to create enthusiasm and a passion to act. Leaders who are able to do this successfully “light a fire” within others, resulting in higher performance and more sustained effort."

Are you trying to make an impact in your community? Let me walk the journey with you as you and your organization follow your calling.

"Since coffee and friends make a perfect blend, let's schedule some time to build on your future." - Ray

About Langlois Consultant Services, LLC.

Established in 2017, the Langlois Consultant Services company is committed to assisting communities in developing health and wellness initiatives as well as building capacity for collective impact. Also, we can provide companies and organizations with executive leadership coaching, management strategies and strategic planning.

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